Terry McGovern
Avoid this group at all costs! As a college professor and US Air Force vet, I have traveled extensively and worked with a range of guides all over the world. Star Florence notified me 5 days prior to my Eiffel Tower summit that they could no longer honor my 1730 booking. They gave me the option of canceling or switching to a 2130 tour. I let them know I was not happy about it, they did not care. So I changed my schedule and agreed to the 2130 booking. I showed at the meeting point, the Eiffel Tower carousel at 2123, 7 minutes early, no guide in sight. I call their emergency line, get a voicemail box. I booked through Chase travel, so I called them. They get the company on the line and tell me to hurry to the meeting point. We do, the guide never shows. I am now standing at the base of the Eiffel Tower waiting in line to buy tickets which has me fuming since I booked with Star Florence months in advance to avoid this. Do yourself a favor, AVOID STAR FLORENCE AT ALL COSTS, your memories